YET no one knows where Belgium is

Maybe this is why people think it doesn't even exist!

Yup we speak 3 languages but mostly we're just confused. If someone tries to explain it to you or mentions "Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde" You better run for your life and neverrrrr look back! like never.

But if you do feel like learning about it I guess you could check out Wikipedia...

But we also make chocolate ....

Aaaah our beloved beers, since we have so many kinds we also have our own way of ordering them. If you just want your plain pils, you show your pink to the bartender.

Why? Well let me tell you. In Flemish we call a glass of beer "een pintje" which we like to shorten to "een pinke". This is very similar to our word for pinkie finger. so that's how.

Every student's favorite drink! It only costs 30 cents and tastes like shit. But will just do the thing beer is meant to do: get you drunk.

And for this 30 cents you get a game that is "Russian roulette"-like for free. Because it tastes different every time! Since it is believed to be made of the remainder of other beers. Soooo mysterious!

* Dude smashes Cara Pils *
Woman: "Don't waste beer!!!"
Dude: "It's Cara bitch!"

We live in these ugly belgian houses!

There is a saying that Beglians have a brick in their stomach, so they want to have their own house as soon as possible. Which means we want it as cheap as possible and as fast as possible. We start with building a garage and after we add the rest. Styles don't matter here!
source: Ugly Beglian houses book by Hannes Coudenys

We like to solve stuff. And by "solve" we mean provide no solution what so ever, but just do something because, in any case it is BetTer ThaN NoThinG rIghT?

But wE LefT thE InvENtioN of JazZ tO otHeRs

Yes. We invented the inline skates, the inventor was just like everyone and his skates imperfect and skated into a mirror....

"One of his ingenious novelties was a pair of skaites contrived to run on wheels. Supplied with these and a violin, he mixed in the motley group of one of Mrs Cowleys' masquerades at Carlisle House; when not having provided the means of retarding his velocity, or commanding its direction, he impelled himself against a mirror of more than five hundred pounds value, dashed it to atoms, broke his instrument to pieces and wounded himself most severely." (add source)

Yes we're good at inventing :-D

England's favorite sport isn't actually English?!? Say whaaaat! Correct!!! (though they'll never admit it!) The sport was featured on a painting of Breugel first.

Oh and...

also our castle is bigger

If only our previous king remembered, before getting an illegitimate child

Not that we care much about it....

*FYI: here you can admire our lovely minister of health!

Behold! The highest point in Belgium, it has an impressive height of 700 meters. Even though Googles disagrees and preferres not to count our nice 6 meter high enhancement. To us it is just a matter of a possitive mindset. (to be exact possive 6 metres ;-) if you know what I mean)

And in case you actually want to visit our little crazy country, These links could be kinda usefull...I guess...

And you know if you don't like Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Germany are always close....


"It's easy to love a country that's famous for beer and waffles" - OBAMA!